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About Us

So what do photographers Andy Jones and Tony Dennis have to say for themselves? Well…


“We’ve been a team for over 17 years, not only as working colleagues but also as good friends. We’re very good at what we do and we’re very easy to work with. Our client base and the types of work we do are as diverse as can be, and there aren’t many photography situations we haven’t encountered. Our experience in so many different fields of photography means our work offers so much more than 'one look' – one-trick-photo-ponies we are not. 


Subjects we’ve photographed vary from the MD of Rolls Royce to machinery in a waste recycling plant. We've shot in museums, up wind turbines, down tunnels, in factories, on beaches, in static caravans, in a pig sty, on top of fast moving cars, on the back of motorbikes, from helicopters – sometimes we even get to shoot in the comfort of our own studio. We've provided photography for posters, adverts, websites, books, editorials, office walls and living room walls – the list goes on and on...”